Submitted Date 02/14/2019

Plastic waste is out and sustainable solutions are in! Here are some quick tips to help reduce your plastic waste in the bathroom without breaking the bank.

Bathroom bin - Most of us have gotten used to tossing soda cans and jam jars in the kitchen recycling bin, but what happens to the recyclables in the bathroom? Put a small bin in this room to catch those shampoo bottles and toilet paper cardboard.

Solid soaps - Instead of buying plastic bottles of liquid soap, make the switch and pick up handmade soap bars at your local craft fair or farmer’s market. You’ll have more fragrances to choose from and you’ll be supporting your neighbor.

Brush with bamboo - The next time you’re in need of a toothbrush, opt for one made with bamboo instead of plastic. Bamboo grows quickly and breaks down better in the environment.

Shave straight - Rather than throwing out a disposable razor every few days, try out shaving with a straight razor (ladies too!). You’ll get a closer shave and won’t need to do it as often.

Manage your monthly - Every month, millions of plastic tampon applicators go into the landfills and wash up on the beaches. Ditch that waste by switching to applicator-less tampons or a menstrual cup.

Question the Q-tip - When you stock up on clean ear solutions, look for Q-tips with paper handles instead of plastic. You can almost hear the planet thanking you!

Shoo the Shampoo - While not for everyone, using dry soaps or going shampoo free will reduce the number of plastic bottles in the bathroom. If that’s not your thing, try to substitute a rinse for every other wash. Your hair will be softer and stronger for it!

Re-fill foundation - If you use powdered foundations or eyeshadows, look for brands that offer refillable compacts. This way, you can switch out your colors without tossing the whole package.

There are a lot of great ways to make simple changes that help both the environment and your wallet. Not ready to make the leap to a plastic-free lifestyle? Just start with one or a few of these ideas and work your way up. Even just changing a few habits can make a big difference.


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