Submitted Date 04/21/2020

What does the future behold?

Not what one desires, or did desire

But what one was to be told, is told

Is fed to eat, swallows but starves really


Did you make the right decision

Now that there are creases on that acceptance


The euphoria of orientation and Move-In Day was


First week went by, and what do you figure out?

It's the same old, but well dressed up

For sure, Commons food is trash

Made with recycled love


Your mind is freefalling in the middle of class

Because it can't be engaged

All throughout

Inside the classroom and outside

You're running through a simulation

It struck me like thunder

What I was really paying for.


I'm glad I'm off campus and decided to call it quits

I ignored the half-hearted advice my high school guidance counselor

Her intentions were coming from somewhere genuine

My college advisor is wearing the same emperor's clothes

She certainly walks like one, tries to advise her students like one

The teachers aren't different, they just work for different bosses

Like third-party contractors


I'm glad it hit me

You're running through a simulation

Deep into a much-needed jog on Friday night,

every Friday night


I tried the party scene

Maybe I didn't loosen up

My inhibitions enough

The seductive allure of a cornucopia of pussy

Lavished by the intoxicating tunes

only Travis Scott could woke up

It didn't grab me firmly enough

It just didnt


But wasn't that half of the reason why you were here?

Says a lot

My conflicting interests are a mystery novel, the length of a Harry Potter

book, all in of themselves


To be honest

The suspense is killing me, its killing you

The suspense is inhibiting me from figuring out where

to go next, what to try next, what to do

What is my next move?

Do I have any other options whatsoever

Debt-free preferrably




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