Submitted Date 06/01/2020

Today I wanted to share my favorite self-made playlists on Spotify so that you can add some good vibes and music depending on your mood!

1. Underwear Tunes - This was the first playlist I ever made. I started piling up songs that made me want to dance in my room while also cleaning the house! It is made up of incredible and memorable oldies such as the Pina Colada Song or Lionel Richie's All Night Long.

2. Can I get a frat, mocha, latte, choco, soymilk, non-fat extra whippie? ☕️👛 - This is my ideal (and super long) coffee-house study playlist. It has everything from Chet Baker's beautifully mellow jazz voice to my all-time favorite singer/songwriter Bruno Major. All songs that won't distract you but will definitely inspire you to get your study on.

3. Run Like Jude Law is Watching - This is my ultimate running mix playlist with older songs like David Guetta and Usher's Without You banger to newer slappers like Dua's Don't Start Now.

4. Enamorarme Bailando - The title of this playlist means "falling in love while dancing" and it is made up of some of my favorite Latin American boleros and ballads that get you in a very old-school romantic mood.

5. If Gossip Girl Existed Today - This playlist was (and still is) the coolest playlist to curate because it allows me to use my imagination and pretend as if I was in charge of picking modern music for a re-boot of my favorite show. It has everything from Billie Eilish (I want them to make an episode where they only use her songs throughout like the one they did with Frank Ocean) to Lizzo and The Band CAMINO.

I hope these playlists add a little light and happiness to your day!

You can find all of these and more on my Spotify Account Cristy1797


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