Submitted Date 07/24/2019

Complimenting women

Or telling women their appearance looks nice

Is not women empowerment

Understanding that we, as women

Can do anything we set our minds to

Just as well as anyone else

Is real women empowerment

But that's only the first step


As a woman that empowers others

There is always one thing that sticks out to me.

You cannot claim to back up women and support them

While you tear down other women that are more successful.

You do not get to pick and choose which women to support

Based on not her message but her standing or looks.

You must remain unbiased

Pay attention the message and not the social aspect.

This is how we, as women, rise.

If we keep tearing each other down

We are only slowing down the process.

Can you imagine where we would be at now

If instead of criticizing online

We networked and put ideas together to make an empire.


I have run into times where I start to tear someone down, I think most of us can say the same.

It's normally new lovers of my ex's

Or women that I've had personal problems with

But if you stop and look at the bigger picture

You being kind and helping one another

Gets you further than being bitter

And ultimately staying in the same place.

So next time you see a woman post anything

And you think ew why would she post that

Think about how you can help.

For example, let's use a song.

A woman posts a new song she's working on

She's almost ready to release it

But you know it needs more engineering to be great.

Instead of saying yeah that sounds awful

Message her and maybe work together on a masterpiece.

Sounds odd right, maybe a little weird.

Step out of your comfort zone and watch what happens

The whole dynamic changes.


Just think about it, give it a try.

Successful woman don't become successful

By stepping on others but by lifting others.


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