Submitted Date 01/09/2020

They every chaper comes with a start.

With new day comes new pain

and with that more challenges to come my way


Yet I still can't move on till this day

Seeing everything I have just fade away

As I grow older

I always say

whats the point if it doesn't stay

I came a long way

High hope love was going to stay


but that leaves too

What's the point of love if I can't have ou

What's the point of love if there will no longer be a me and you

What's the point of love if at the end of the day one life fades

and the other stays until his or her clock stops


They say it's a long way back if you get lost

All it takes is one thought

and it's all gone

the good

the bad

the secrets you no longer have

the regrets that remain in you hands


They say it's time to move on Othello

She is gone

She has another man in her life

your only 19 and you you have a life

You can find love another time


This love is hard to find

don't you get she was the one

I wished I tried harder this time

They say you won't know until she is gone

She was my queen and my heart should have been locked.


Now here we are new beginnings for a future

I don't know if it would be better

or it would end sooner

They say keep your head up high

No need to cry

Just look up at the sky

and let the sun dry your eyes

Love is going to come again in time


Yes, Love is hard to find

yes, I want to cry

but how can you cry if your out of tears this time

How can I cry if I'm the one who ended the relationship that night


Last time I'm gonna trust my instincts right

Last time I'm gonna rely on my own tricks in the mind.


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