Submitted Date 02/10/2020

Ok guys, during the past few weeks I have been hearing nonstop about Netflix's new show Cheer. A few co-workers and close friends mentioned that they were obsessed with the new documentary that follows the life of the Navarro College Cheerleading team, a Community college based in small town Corsicana, Texas.

I normally have a hard time starting new shows since they require a certain level of commitment and since I always re-watch The Office, Friends or Gossip Girl. However, the concept of a documentary that follows the life of cheerleaders seemed very original and intriguing, so I gave it a shot.

Now let me tell you guys, I started watching Friday night and I finished the 6 hour-long episodes by Saturday night (which meant that I didn't go out that night just so I could finish it)! THIS SHOW IS SO AMAZING that I don't even know where to begin. So, I decided to make a list of the reasons why this show is so incredibly inspiring and why I recommend it to everyone. Here it is:

1. The amount of diversity and representation in this cheerleading team is beautiful. There are so many people from completely different backgrounds, cultures, families etc. And it is so inspiring to see how these kids really form an incredible bond with their coach and with one another. As many of the characters say in the documentary, this team really becomes a family.

2. Contrary to tv shows that are fiction, this show follows the life of real people which means that you will be SO invested in each character's personal life and goals by episode 2. I cried, I laughed, and I held my breath from the fear and suspense of their dangerous yet graceful moves.

3. Coach Monica is the most badass, powerful, determined and inspiring person. She is absolutely passionate about her job and the way she cares for and guides these kids is mesmerizing. She is someone that has become a parental figure for most if not all of the cheerleaders. Monica is the person that they confide in, respect and really want to work hard for. Navarro College would not be what it is today without our queen, coach Monica.

4. Cheerleading is as much of a sport (if not MORE) as is soccer, American football or any other sport you can think of. These people are literally throwing one another into the air, catching each other, twisting themselves into positions that only a pretzel could do and risking their lives with every move that they make! The execution and accuracy that goes into their every move is imperative to their success. It is BREATH TAKING. The hours, sweat, tears and physical conditioning that goes into their daily practice is innumerable and it is something the average person would normally not commit to. Their bodies endure so much pain and their mental and emotional health is equally affected. Nevertheless, these kids live for cheerleading, it is what got most of them out of trouble, it was the light at the end of their personal tunnel. It is what gave them drive, passion and a life purpose.

5. And damn. Do they fulfill that purpose to the max!


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