Submitted Date 12/11/2019

I don't belong

Not because I can't be owned

Not because I choose stripes over polka dots

But because I can't be labeled, categorized or shelved off


I want to be yours

That welcoming package, shipped overnight, in a hurry

But me and you are part of different generations

And I don't think you've heard of Amazon just yet

There isn't a wall we can smash through to unite the two

Communism failed, and free Western democracy isn't going to save us

Not so free after all

Liberated with bombs and

Supplied with oil

Just another outpost


I want to be yours, I do

Maybe we can finally close our achy eyes and sleep in the same bed

But, unfortunately, I can't stand, or stand to be on a planet with constantly shifting plates


Here in the second world, stuck

I can't flee to anywhere else

I'm a nation within a nation

Separate from the tribesmen who hunt different food than me

Yet we have the same body, exuthe a similar belief system

I can't belong, but will have to put up


Just another Amazon

Here in the Second World

Deprived of resources

Setting fire to the rain



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