Submitted Date 09/23/2023

How could I have outgrown video games?
It's alright to have caught on and realized that the WWE is scripted and fake
No matter how much salt and butter you add
The popcorn still tastes stale
None of the snacks I use to enjoy are made with the same ingredients
Cheap and processed, now they're just cheap

I hold a pack of Kid Cuisine and it brings back memories
Even the fruit has met its biblical fate
I'm shocked I lived to be 25 and outlived even that
When I see little kids running around me, running past me
All of the busy work that consumes me, that I get through just for the sake of having a good attitude
matters less and less
I struggle to relate to these little cosmic balls of energy

But I feel their warmth and embrace it

I will be overwhelmed by it and melt

Hopefully, that allows the pain to go away


The price of eggs has gotten insane

Open up a random tray

And every egg is cracked

The point of this magic trick has flown over all of our heads

Is there anything else we have to cope for?

More busy work?

Distracting ourselves from how needlessly complicated and stressful life is

Paying bills that means making someone else money

Having a house full of groceries

Yet you contemplate whether your fridge is the most valuable real estate you own

Wanting to be a kid again just means you realize how rigged the game is

There's no cotton candy at the end of the rainbow

Supply chain disruptions will ensure that

40 acres goes down to 20 thanks to inflation

And if these same kids keep walking past dead mules

Forget saving the environment or being able to afford anything

They'll barely make it to 30


Thanks to taxes

A house ain't no different than a jail cell

Kids deserve space to run around, and be free and uninhibited

They deserve a place to call home

But nowadays we're luring them into a trap

Debt, wage slaving and all its little cousins

Lulling them with fairytales that have cliffhangers

Or tragic endings that show true love isn't real



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