Submitted Date 07/16/2022

is it bad

to wonder if you

sit alone at night

looking at the celling

just in the silence

wondering to yourself

what I'm doing?

because I wonder all the time

I ask myself

I look at the celling

in the dead silence

trying to calm myself

wondering to myself

what am I doing?

Im missing you like crazy.

we started off like two younge teenagers

not expecting to fall

not expecting to want more

not expecting things to turn

so sour

in our short

set of time

yet there's still a chance

there's still a chance

for me an you

can't you see it?

Because I can?

I can't picture not waking up

due to the sounds of your alarm

to wake up in the middle of the night

turning to see you wide awake

I can hardley sleep without the sounds

of your breathing

of the sound of your snorring

what's wrong with me?


we'll I'm in love

I'm in love with you

with your crazy ideas

the way you fix things

the way you can't stop

in tring and keep going

but I still question

what's wrong with me?


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