Submitted Date 05/02/2021


Our souls are out of rhythm

Spaced out in margins not fully typed out

Too thin we dont fit in

Too thick we get chewed and spit out

The surface area of your body molds into a collection bid for

Blood, sweat, tears, odor, frustrations, anxieties

And People's signatures

From the late nights at the bar

The awkward hookups with girls whose face you can't even remember

The overcrowded concerts

And joyous dinners with relatives

That led to some uncomfortable and contentious arguments

They spawn

the tattoos that tell a thousand stories with way less words

You liked being in the scene

Racking up tallying points

You're a daredevil, a risk-taker, a boundary pusher

You liked the abuse, to have something to complain about

It's nice to be someone else's muse

Now you want to rant about property rights


Someone touched your blindspot

An elevator button to an floor unexplored

While the page you seek to fill up, trying to distill all of these wild experiences you've gone through, remains empty


Your soul's out of rhythm,

Seething with fragility

Suffering from a special case of New York-itis

No white-out, no edits or revisions to be made

Now you're left with fingerprints and

The residue of past thoughts you wished you could've capitalized on

Assemble into a bobblehead

It offers you a pen

Shake it a couple of times

The ink freefalls

There you must bathe

In the dirt of another man's trash

The man who you used to be

Compared to the man you wish you were

For we all act on borrowed time


Therefore belief is king,

And so is cash

Cash is a piece of mind,

A hedge against insanity


Signing your signature from a blank checkbook

Out of rhythm

Have to go back to basics

Listen to your writing

In whole notes

Slam your pen against the crest of the canvas

Watch it bounce and levitate back into your hand

Just like God walks at the pace of half a mile an hour

Embrace the journey, wholeheartedly

Listen to your writing

Skip in half notes

Feedback smoothes out the rest

Don't worry about running out of gas, out of juice in the tank, or breath.


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