Submitted Date 02/25/2020

Before I left, I wanted to say so much things to you. I wanted to tell you how mush I wish we could still talk. How I wanted to hangout with you instead but I was not brave enought to say it, yet all I did was stay silent.

There's so much I wish I could say to you. One thing being that I like you. I wish that I could have seen the small signs earlier but I didn't. I wanted to tell you how out of all the people even the one that I was with was the only one that could make me smile.

Out of all the bad days.

The only good thing it felt like,

was seeing you everyday.

Some how you had away of lifting my spirits even when I wanted them to be bad.

All that came out of that horrible year was you. But if I couldn't say it then what makes myself thing I can say it now.

I like you. I wish I could have said these thing before but I didn't trust my own voice.

I wish I could still say that. but all I can say now is that I miss you.

Blue I miss you so much. I wish I could see you again.


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