Submitted Date 06/09/2019

I was so thrilled when I had set the releae date for my new book 'Monkey Mind Robot Body'. I spent the week planning publicity, preparing blogs and interviews, creating leaflets and just going around the city figuring out places to launch the book. It was great fun to do, a little disappointed at certain reactions, for example, some places would not let me leave leaflets or put up a poster, those this was a minority out of the places I applied to, it still rubbed. I had to convince myself it did not matter, if they say no to my marketing, I have to respect that.

My friend, Jude Cowan Montague, has done a fantastic cover for the book and her arty friends commented and shared the news on the day of the book release. And that is the main thing about self marketing and self promotion, one has to hope that others will help and share the good news.

I wish for plenty of good luck upon my own releases and and upon all authors who have self published and know the struggle that comes with self-promotion, the struggle to find avenues to get one's book known about, because if nobody knows about it, then nobody buys it. Support is such an important part of the creative process, we all want it, we all need it, we all have to give it.


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