Submitted Date 09/20/2019

Until we meet I was a brick wall that was slowly tarring down before everyone's very eyes. I was always picked on and the only person I could turn to. No one would ever look my way. I was just invisible yet everyone hated me.

I was making my way toward the same seat I sat in every day this year. The one in the front. no one would bother me yet I was completely fine with it because if they did end up noticing me all they would do is tear me down, Call me names and be the person that they would sit on me as if they didn't notice me. All except one person would tell them not to which was my twin brother Sebastian.

They would only do it though most of the time when he wasn't looking at me. NO one knows we are twins besides a couple of his best friends, that is only really nice to me if we're at home away from where everyone just watched them.

While Sebastian has the perfect blonde hair like our dad I stood by him like a potato with my light brown hair that was closer to our mother's hair color. We are the same high and have the same eye color Amber, yet we don't look alike.

"Sarah" I heard a familiar voice whisper and turn to see my twin. "Yeah?" I asked annoyed as he laughs at my face. Yeah, I show every emotion on my face unlike him it doesn't matter.

"I can't give you a ride later," Sebastian says and I frown.

"How else am I suppose to get to work then?" I say aggravated

"I can ask Ry" He suggests referring to his best friend Ryan. I sigh and nod my head "Sure I guess if he agrees that is" I say as everyone was slowly filling the class up.

Ryan, Sebastian's best friend come in, his side girl Emberly. Don't get me wrong I don't like Emberly but she's also a person I'm forced to be around. She's also one of the main people that start the bullying when it happens. Don't get me wrong I have talked to the principal about it but all he did was give her detentions because of all the money her dear old father donates. I would continue to tell but after a while, I gave up seeing as nothing would help.

The teacher walks in and looks at me smiling, I frown. "So, today we are putting on a concert for our favorite time of the year fall," He says and I slouch down. I know where this is headed.

I cover my face with my hair. "and I have already chosen our main singer in this concert all I need is another male singer to sing with her" he announced smiling.

"Who's the singer?" a girl from the back asked.

"Ms. Sarah Bright," he says and everyone looks my way. My eyes widen up. No one has heard me sing before in this class.

"She's not even good at singing" I heard Emberly's familiar voice. "Ms. Jones have you ever heard her sing before?" He asks her.

Emberly shakes her head no. "Exactly. You all underestimate the people you pick on by running them down but be careful because if you mess with the wrong person they could be the people who you work for later on" Emberly looks at me as if she either felt guilty or just plain anger.

"Then maybe we should hear her sing" Emberly suggests and everyone agrees "How about you show us" I could see the evil smirk on her face.

"Ms. Bright would you please do us the honors?" He asked and I nodded my head.

"May I use the piano?" I ask quietly to him. He smiles and gestures to the keyboard.

I sit at the keyboard and let my nerves go. Taking a deep breath I place my first finger on the first note. Checking to see if it's in the right tone. I smile as the note played beautifully.

"Are you even going to play?" I hear Emberly's voice and I chose to ignore it, with the fact I was behind one of my favorite instruments. I sit my mind upright and began to play.


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  • Ceara 2 years, 10 months ago

    So poignant. This feels like the start to a short story...do you have plans on writing more about these characters?