Submitted Date 03/14/2019

He was once such a nice guy,

but they took him for granted,

the way his soul used to dance,

so that his physical being would speak in such enchantment,

as he was freer than a rainbow,

No leprechaun to steal his pot of Gold,

as he would glisten,

sparkling down, nourishing rain drops,

parading blankets snugged wealth in love to those he used wrap his arms around,

when once their love knew no ends,

as they would flourish like a Dove,

covered up his third eye,

The passion he had to see the world,

an unconditional view,

Had been blinded by toxin's that only a relationship could spew,

They questioned his character,

As they tried to taint his spirit,

It was a reaction they seek,

But he would not bow down to his knees,

He heard this tale before,

and he didn't want to be in the ending credits,

And oh!

What a turn of events,

It was a page written by him,

an autobiography,

Sincerely, signed, and published,


Silly for them to try,

but they will not own,

Knight shines,

Dirt shall not vanquish a King.



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