Submitted Date 11/14/2018

He was ahead of his time. A real legend. Few people are able to impact the world in such a massive way. Few musicians achieve to transcend to something bigger than a big hit or a great album. This singer was an artist, a real champion. He’d dive deep into his soul and pour it all out in a way that rock 'n roll had never seen before. Not only would he write, sing and dance, but he’d put on a mind-blowing show. No one in rock ‘n roll took such big musical risks and pulled them off as well as this man and his band.

The fact that he was born in Zanzibar and had lived in India, wasn’t great for a musician in England in the 70’s. His looks and sexual preference didn’t match the stereotypical rock ‘n roller either. Despite all this, he managed to break through. One advantage he did have was a four octave vocal range. Most human beings wouldn't know what to do with this unusual blessing. He did. That’s why Farrokh Bulsara - A.K.A Freddie Mercury, is one of the greatest and most influential musicians of all time.


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