Submitted Date 05/13/2020

I hide in myself

Do you notice or care?

Your words spill from a razored tongue

Bitch Whore


You call me stupid

I apologize for being me

You never apologize

You don't have to, you're a man...


Insults are my constant companion

I am the one who changes. I change

For you.

And I feel fake.


I slip on my mask.

You slice me with your barbed words

Cow with head in barbed wire...


You're too fat

I starve myself


You're too skinny

I eat


Why can't you dress like they do?

Why can't you be someone else...? I

Dream of divorcing you.


My body is dying

I cannot look like them

I try to, I do, to please u, but



Why can't you wear makeup like your friends? Be beautiful... is the slap in my face, as if your hand

I say, I am naturally beautiful,


You once agreed...

I hate what I want to say


You are in charge..

I want to kill you...


Your makeup is fake... Mary;

you look old

I loathe you...


Your eyes have wrinkles...

take better care of yourself

I despise you...


you embarrass me

My mind screams that you are my plague.


My self-worth is gone

Inside I hide.


I become numb to the mind rape,

You perform on me...


See, my

Death is coming.

My triumphant escape.

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