Submitted Date 01/06/2021

Move over to the other side of the bed, Mike Lindell. Your mambi-pambi company full of niceties and well-rested night sleeps just aren't extreme enough for today's hardcore sleepers.

Based out of Fountain, MN, the makers of are breaking into the market share of sleep accessories like never before. And as the world gets more extreme, they also want their sleep accessories to be just as hardcore.

Owner Harley Rogue and his creative pillows are helping people from all around the nation get the best and deepest sleep like never before, starting with their signature pillow, The Mai Tai Pillow.

Rogue explains the difference between Lindell's My Pillow and ExtremePillow's Mai Tai Pillow. "Sure, Mike's got the patented fill that gives good but not great comfort and rest. Where the Mai Tai Pillow is different is that ours has a fortified bladder, and it's filled to the stopper and straw with Double Jigger Spiced Rum, Double Jigger Coconut Rum, Grenadine juice, Dole's pineapple juice, and re-freezable ice packs."

According to Rogue, the Mai Tai Pillow is revolutionizing the way people get their rest. "When you're ready for the sack, pop up the heavy-duty Mai Tai patented pillow suck-straw, lay your head down, and start drawing in the perfectly crafted cocktail. In a few minutes, you'll feel the head-rushing effects of the cocktail, and after a half-hour or so, you'll be dead to the world until morning."

If one has already been out partying, the Mai Tai Pillow makes a perfect nightcap to finish the evening for the healthful, coma-inducing rest one needs to wake refreshed and ready to attack another hard day of work or play.

The Mai Tai pillow also offers plenty of other benefits. According to, the latex-free, fortified cocktail-filled bladder accommodates every single sleep position from the stomach, back, side, and bathroom floor sprawl. Also, the patented re-freezable ice packs offer a cool night's rest, especially in hot climates. And if one is settling down for a cold, Mid-western winter snooze, the patented bladder is also microwaveable for a warm sip of cozy booze at night's repose.

ExtremePillows also fashions several more concoctions for user relaxation: The Alabama Slammer Travel Companion; the Colorado Bulldog Camping Cushion; the Hair of the Dog Tequila Sunrise; and the Netflix inspired Cobra Kai Saki Slide. For the anxiety-driven sleepers, ExtremePillows is also developing the newly inspired and soon to be released sand-filled, weighted blanket brew, the Sex on the Fleece.

The reviews have been pouring in. Ted Ridgemont, wingsuit daredevil and boundary-pushing parachutist, wasn't getting enough from his current sleep regime until he switched to the Mai Tai Pillow. "When I get done with the day's death-defying jumps, I want a pillow as extreme as I am. When I wake up, I'm refreshed and ready for my next round of action."

"It's an extreme way of life for those who are living on the edge," states Rogue. "I want everybody to get the soundest sleep they've ever had, and my pillows and night time accessories are the absolute best way to do it. So slide over to the wet spot on the bed, Mike Lindell, this is ExtremePillows's show to run now."

This writer has been trying the Cobra Kai Saki Slide while watching the latest online shows and the Mai Tai Pillow at bedtime for the past week, and besides one lost eye-ball, I haven't slept this well in years.

Each purchase of any ExtremePillows products also receives three, pre-mixed, four gallon cocktails of the purchaser's choice for night after night of perfect rest.

ExtremePillows is in constant development, so check out their wide array of current and upcoming products.



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