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SEO = Search Engine Optimization

We are now in the second half of 2019 and it would seem that as time keeps slipping by more and more people are now relying on software and plugins to create their website's SEO than they are to create it properly = ORGANICALLY!

Now, what do I mean by organically created SEO? Well, it means using the many techniques that one employs to attract the attention of the search engines by using time-proven, white hat methods. In other words, this means that you have to spend some time and effort in your plotting and planning.

Again, this is not done by making some elaborate website and then expecting a Yoast plugin and some software to be able to effectively bring you new customers and a return on your web investment!

Organically formulated SEO is accomplished by creating well-written content that brings out the features of that business or subject matter of the website, along with many other SEO factors.

Let's call these SEO factors brownie points. There's probably more than one thousand different little white hat factors that add into the mix that the search engines quickly look at to determine a ranking. For each particular search query made, the search engines seek out the webpages that have the most brownie points contained within that query and present those webpages on the first page of the search query results.

It's like King Of The Hill, the webpage with the most SEO Brownie Points wins! It is that simple.

The SEO Wizard

It is best to start from scratch when it comes to strong SEO for it is not something that you decide to do later after the website has been built. It is not like a syrup that is poured on top of pancakes, but rather it is the flour that makes up the pancake that holds it all together.

Websites are made for numerous reasons, just one of them being for businesses to attract new customers and to have a good presence on the internet. Search engine optimization is an essential factor for all websites, but especially so for business websites. Therefore, I will primarily be speaking about business type websites in my writings here.

To start a business website built on a superior foundation SEO from scratch, the very first thing that must be done is to spend the time and effort needed to plan, research and plot out what the business's features/specialties are all about. The content needs to be written as if it is coming from the expert in whatever that field or subject is!

The person creating the content needs to thoroughly understand not only that business but also the business's customers and their competition and many times knowing the locality is key too. This boils down to performing good research and spending time with the business people to learn what might be necessary to relate to both the viewers of the website, as well as the search engines.

It is a wise thing to study that business's competition, to analyze what they are doing both right and wrong on the web as far as attracting viewers and search engines. If you're starting from scratch on a website, then that means your already behind in one important SEO factor.

How to Dial In Your SEO

SEO Factor #1 = Time

One of the many factors that all the search engines employ is how long the websites being queried have been on the web. Let's say there are three identical websites as far as SEO factors on the net, however one has been on the net for five years, another one for three years and the last one for only one year.

In that circumstance the five-year-old website will be listed first, the three-year-old one listed second and the year-old one third. So when you are starting a new website, you're already behind the eight-ball a little so to speak. Therefore you have to create more SEO Brownie Points than all the other entities out there on the web. The best way to make that happen is to learn and practice as many of the white hat SEO factors as you possibly can!

As these SEO articles are written I will be listing out the SEO Factors by number, however, that does not mean to use them in that order. The number created for each factor just happens in the order that I write about them.

SEO Factor #2 = Content is King!

This has to be the single most important rule of thumb for organic SEO! This was the first thing I learned when I first started to study search engine optimization back in the summer of 1997, one year before Google went online. It is perhaps more important now than ever!

SEO Factor = Content Is King!

Google is now examining the content of websites more than ever before and it wants to see very relevant and relative verbiage, images and videos.

Using the correct verbiage is essential here. Keywords need to become key phrases. Key phrases are to become sentences and sentences to become paragraphs! Paragraphs are then to become separate webpages.

The last sentence is important.

Today's fad with websites is to make one long scrolling webpage containing a lot of anchor points and covering many subjects, rather than having several separate webpages covering each subject. Some people might think this looks and works cool, but what do the search engines think?

SEO search engine optimization

Before any website is to be seen by the viewers, the potential customer, the search engines have to lead them there. Don't out fancy yourself by sacrificing SEO!

When the search engines see multiple subjects, thoughts, products and the like all on just one webpage the search engines do not know what part of that webpage's content is the most relevant to that page and this will affect how the search engines rank that page!

Therefore, do not be hesitant in making a webpage for each subject, feature, product as needed to make each stand out more to search engines. For excellent backlinking, it could be very wise to turn some of these webpages into their own separate landing page website with its own domain. I will go into this much deeper later in the following parts or chapters.

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