Submitted Date 08/23/2023

Sleep deprived and z addicted

My brain swells and bulges on disc's

I'm not even sure thats scientific

Im not even sure there's rhyme or wit to what I'm saying

We're going to swerve around that cup of coffee and wear our migraine as a badge of honor

That's your God-given duty to be flattered

By pain and suffering

It builds character

That's all that matters

Park myself on a bench that tilts at an angle that doesn't flatter

See the world differently

Just to realize you're at the same spot

Don't let all that blood rush to your head

Withdrawal from common sense

You can feel a little woozy

But the cuts, bruises and scrapes from those

They don't clot

You have to suspend your disbelief to walk on the tight rope of biology

To try and figure out what the end game is

To make it to the end of another day

With your body intact

Your mind relaxed while your thoughts are decomposing


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