Submitted Date 11/19/2022

What is it about a scent that moves you?


To me there's a mystery that lies behind a scent that only the Fates and Cupid could possibly comprehend.

I mean, yes, there's a science to the way colognes and perfumes work.

Coupled with our own body chemistry and the chemical reaction that triggers our own sense of smell, the same cologne and/or perfume will affect each of us differently when we detect them on different people.

On one person, we may smell it and say: "Hmm, smells nice."

On another, there's a pull akin to gravity that entrances us.

It's rare, but it does happen.

And when it does, it hits us hard!

Then again, love hits everybody differently.

Someone will see a smile…

…the same smile that everyone else sees, but it's not the same smile everybody notices.

Yet, once a person is captivated by it and we call that love at first sight.

For others, it's the eyes.

They are the same eyes the rest of the world has gazed into, but for just one person they are the looking glass into another dimension.

Fall into the rabbit hole and one simply never recovers.

The scent, however, is the rarest of these gems.

Because when the combination of it (science, attraction, feeling, need and want) come together, it is the perfect storm of love and ruin.

Her scent fills your lungs like nothing you have ever inhaled.

The emptiness at your core, a part of you that you didn't realize was missing has suddenly engulfed you and has you feeling complete.

The "taste" of that scent is intoxicating!

You fear exhaling, lest you lose her forever, and then you'll ask yourself: "Do I even want to breathe again?"

But you do.

You do once again in the hopes you'll catch a hint of her scent on a breeze.

You'll follow it to the ends of the earth because you NEED it.

The scent is more complete than an embrace, because it's holding your soul.

Without it, you ache.

So you take shorter breaths.

This way, you won't waste the limited amount of breaths you're granted in life without that scent.

You only get so many heartbeats. We shouldn't spend them broken.

As such, the thing that entices me about a scent is how perfectly beautiful the moment is when I can't taste, touch, or see it…

…but how profoundly it caresses my soul.

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