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10 Excellent Healthy Living Tips for Adults

Healthy living tips are necessary considering how busy our lives are, with tight schedules and long hours of work. Finding time to pay attention to our health amidst the day to day activities can pose a challenge. The saying "health is wealth" shows how important it is to follow simple health tips that will mean good health.

Sarah’s Health

"Tired and drained, my fatigued hand weakly held my keys as I stood in front of my door. It's hard balancing work and family responsibilities and not feel exasperated after each day. Then I found a solution. I came across healthy living tips that helped me."

Many people like Sarah quoted above wonder how to stay healthy despite being busy, let us take a look at ten great steps that helped Sarah.

Eating Healthy

Eating sounds common. However, what we eat has a direct bearing on our health. Feeding on fresh foods, especially a variety of them, provides the body with essential nutrients it requires to stay healthy.

Snacks can seem easy to get and eat, although not bad, regular eating of it can be bad for one's health. Eating healthy also requires eating regularly. Do not skip meals, eat a variety of fruits and drink plenty of water.

Eat Variety of Foods

To live and stay healthy, each of us needs to eat a variety of foods. This will ensure we are getting the nutrients our body needs to sustain healthy living. Including a diversity of foods from each food category is essential – fruits, veggies, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Include Plenty of Fiber Foods

Fiber foods help the body to work correctly and they are equally important. Adding fiber to the diet also helps to regulate a healthy weight. Fiber foods include fruits, veggies, and grains. Some of your food choices may include lentils, beans, peas, apples, bananas, chickpeas, quinoa, oats, and seeds.

Include plenty of fiber foods in the diet along with drinking plenty of water throughout each day. Women naturally need around 25 grams of fiber daily, while men need 38 grams daily. If you are not meeting these requirements, slowly begin adding more fiber to your daily eating routine.

Focus on Unsaturated Fats

Turning our focus towards unsaturated fats over using saturated fats is healthy for us. Consuming too many saturated fats over time leads to health issues – increased cholesterol levels, clogged arteries, heart disease, and stroke.

Hydrate Frequently

Giving the body plenty of hydration is necessary. Drinking plenty of water is best. Water is calorie-free and it flushes the body of impurities. Water is needed by the body to lubricate the joints, form saliva, cushion the brain, regulate body functions, and maintain.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is important for the overall wellbeing of the body. It helps burn calories, helps the heart, muscle, bones, and serves as stress relief. Adults may find it difficult to create time for exercise. However, 20-30 minutes can be set aside for training every day.

Running, pushups, sit-ups or even walking up and down a stair are examples of activity. Making sure exercise is a regular part of your daily routine is one of the healthy living tips for adults and of course everyone in general.

Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is another important healthy living tip. A healthy weight allows us to move more freely and feel better overall.

Losing excess weight will reduce stress placed on the body. Health benefits of losing excess weight include improved movement, decreased joint issues, improved blood sugar levels, as well as decreased risk of disease and cancers.

Sufficient sleep

Sleep is essential but adequate sleep is more important. Sleeping 7-9 hours out of 24 hours is exactly what the body needs to function as required. To wake early is necessary for most adults, as such, sleeping relatively early will help to achieve both waking early and getting sufficient sleep.

Less sugar less salt

Purchase meals with low sodium content and eating sugary foods in moderate content is another way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adults are especially prone to high blood pressure and heart-related diseases caused by consuming too much sugar and salts. Sweet fruits should replace sugary drinks and snacks while spice should replace salt when cooking meals.


Recreation is also needed for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our body goes through stress, both mentally and physically. Relaxation helps to exhale such stress. Take time out of your daily routine; you can take a walk, listen to music, watch a show. Taking time out to cool off your steam is a useful simple health tip that works.

Start Today, Keep Moving Forward

Start today and keep moving forward! Take one step at a time toward improved health in your life. Choose one problem area and work towards a healthier goal in your life. You may need to lose weight – then make the changes you need to have a healthier life. Choose healthier foods, eliminate junk foods, and increase exercise routines.

Maybe, you have been dealing with large amounts of stress in your life. To maintain your health, take time out mentally and recreate. Incorporate activities that decrease stress in your life. This includes spending time with family, taking walks, reading self-help resources, or listening to your favorite music.

You are Worth Living Healthy!

You are valuable, and making changes is worth living healthy. A healthier you will positively impact you, your family, and your relationship with others. You will feel better overall, be more productive, be healthier physically and emotionally.

Healthy Living Summary

To summarize, our daily routine can be tiring and so time-consuming, yet we can stay healthy. Choose to make the changes in your life which will bring you to healthier living. Make changes in the area you need the most help in first. This will allow you to conquer life by removing or decreasing the most significant stress contributor.

The above healthy living tips for adults, as discussed, can be of great help. These simple health tips include eating healthy, sleeping sufficiently, regular exercising, recreating and reducing sugar and salt intake can help stay healthy. You are worth the change!



Barbi Green


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  • Ashley Aker 4 years, 3 months ago

    Thanks Barbi I always need a reminder of how I can take better control of myself and health. I love the tips but I think I need more details. I know I should drink water, but if you included how to calculate how much water a person needs daily that helps them know instead of just being satisfied with the 8oz they've been sipping every other day(me). How can I get more sleep? What are some ways you use to promote a healthier relationship with your bed? You always have such great ideas, I just wanted to help boost your content with details. Some people are lost when it comes to their health and become blindsided when their health declines. I personally would love something devoted to translating a nutritional label, and tips for switching out sugary and salty foods for more nutritious options. Keep writing! Ashley