Submitted Date 11/28/2022

Deadly Decisions:


The slice of a blade or the tightening of a noose

The shot from a gun or a bottle of deadly pills

A bag on the head or another plan you'll deduce

A jump from a mountain or a drink that surely kills


Air embolisms or a lack of food in your body

Underwater, suffocating, or hit by a train

A blow to the skull or by a plan that is shoddy

Death by electrocution is best to kill the brain


Tell me once you haven't felt such a burdensome shame

That you've considered one or two of these painful plans

Or been in immense agony and felt so much pain

You've hoped somebody would kill you with their two bare hands


If you have ever experienced any visions

Those so crushing, you almost have a few collisions

Between us, there are only a couple divisions

Think much before making any deadly decisions


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