Submitted Date 12/05/2019

One of the most popular topics explored in the writing world is self-motivation. Where do we get it and how do we maintain it? Writing projects usually start with a jolt of enthusiasm - perhaps an exciting new idea pops in our heads while we're lying in bed or a poem posted on our social media gains popularity and inspires us to work on our full manuscript. However, not too long after penning those intial poetic lines, we get bogged down in self-doubt, other time commitments, or writer's block, and our once bubbly motivation fizzles out. In my article "Funny, Motivational, and Thoughtful Quotes for Writers" , I shared quotes about both the process and impact of writing as one source of motivation when we have the moments of struggle. One thoughtful quote by Joss Whedon focuses on the needs and desires of the writer: "I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not I write to explore all the things I'm afraid of." I've gone even further and searched the world (wide web) to find statements from writers of various backgrounds to the question, "Why do you write?" Of course, it's great to draw inpsiration from others, but we are writers after all, so I challenge each one of us to come up with our own brief answer to this significant question.

First, here are some responses that appealed to my body and soul...or at least my funny bone.

"I write as a form of therapy." Julie Nunn

"...because I am only one sentence away from healing." Barry J. Gamble

"I write because it's what's always made me feel most like myself." Alicia LaFontaine

"...to try and make connections between people who would never meet in real life." G. D. Wilkinson

"I write because the voices in my head demand their freedom." Neil Christiansen

"...because real life sucks." Jennifer Brasington-Crowley

"Because I'm afraid if I don't write, my life will have no meaning, or not enough meaning. Because I'm afraid of dying and leaving nothing behind. Because I may never have children. Because I am haunted by the deaths and secrets in the family I was born into, by the ghost of my grandmother and her dreams." Sarah P. Strong

"It's quicker than a jail term, and easier than planning a murder." Keisha Diane

"...because I want to remember life's lessons and every poem is (a) lesson learned." Lala Tha Kid

After reflecting personally, I've realized that a lot of my writing comes out of my belief that we are more than just animals. That the uniqueness of being human lies in our spiritual elements. I am seeking to maintain that deeper connection with the divine in myself and others. So I came up with my own answer:

"I write to remind myself that we are both the roar of the lion and the tremble of the dust, to connect our earthly soles with our eternal souls." Andrea Hope

So, now it's your turn. Take some time to read over the quotes again. What aspects do you agree with? Maybe you have a totally different perspective to share ... in your own words, why do you write?


ANDREA HOPE is a poet, editor, and world citizen, whose works have won acclaim in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Her poetry book, TO MOTHER, is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.


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