Submitted Date 06/29/2020

This year, to my surprise, I have been reading a lot (like a lot, a lot)! So, I wanted to do a part 2 of my book recommendations with another 5 books that have really impacted me!

1. History of Love- Written by Nicole Krauss. It is a beautiful story about the power of books, love and connections.

2. The Nightingale- This. Book. Is. Incredible. The amazing Kristin Hannah really killed it with her writing. I have never, ever cried so much while reading a book. It is one of my all-time favorites and everyone should read it. Period.

3. The Great Alone- This is another book by Kristin Hannah (one of my favorite authors). This breathtaking book will have you cancelling plans so that you can finish it. It takes place in the bigger-than-life, vivid Alaska.

4. The Silent Patient- This is such a quick read because of how fast it picks up. Psychology and crime are two of my favorite genres (both book-wise and movie-wise) and Alex Michaelides merges them beautifully into a mystery thriller that will have you reading way past bedtime.

5. Welcome to the Music Business, You're F*cked!- For those music fans, managers or musicians, this is a must read by the iconic drummer Martin Atkins. His humor, sarcasm and his no-sugar coating way of writing will have you both laughing and seriously contemplating his advice. It is a quick read that will definitely point out the important aspects of the music business.




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