Submitted Date 08/24/2022

Not nary a weight can crash my flight.

No dark magic sniff my light.

I'm free in this skin.

Love my flava from within.

I know where the sauce come from too.

Dem prayer warriors and preachers,

uttering Psalms on cue.

Fiery hearts that beat to selah.

I know where sauce come from.

Dem witches and warlocks that unbind,

remove the green snake eyes and evil ones too.

My steps are heavy from the fusion


Ain't scared of where I come from.


You can't stop this journey.

You won't cease the yearning,

the overflowing ambition,

the consistent intuition,

the evolution of self,

the annihilation of self-sabotage.

This growth got muscle.

Past pain turned into endurance.

My lane can't be touched.

Ain't no competition,

I aint lookin-

this is for myself.

A friend reminded me to take my destiny off the shelf.

So, I'm here:

Walkin heavy,

talkin deeply,

not givin a fuck who sleepin'.

Suga, this woman got bass and all that shade-

you can keep it.


I'm free in my skin.

Love my flava from within.

My purpose sittin' pretty underneath my footsteps.


Not nary a weight hinderin' my flight.

No dark magic sniffin' my light.

I'm free in this skin.

Love my flava from within.

I've seen enough to know,

fate flows under every path I take.

Just wait.

By: Jasmine Farrell


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