Submitted Date 01/29/2019

I hear no more the voice of the world.

But who can sing with so much pain?

How I long to listen again,

to see the flag of love unfurled.

How can our music be so denied,

our birthright of creation suppress’d?

to be made to feel so much less,

to feel as though the world has died.

But now come see the brass bells ring

and hear their peal both far and wide,

rejoice together, all humankind.

Come see the light and love they bring,

the strength of soul from deep inside,

the happiness and peace of mind.


How long has this candle dwindled to naught,

and yet refused to disappear?

We count the days and mark the year,

but when will the final battle be fought?

What creation of man could cause such stress,

bring us so near to total defeat?

Would the human heart retreat,

and succumb under centuries’ duress?

The watchful eye now sees in elation

as the flame roars back into furious life,

alight with the holy spirit of creation—

for there is no force to dim this light,

to break the divine soul of love

that has so long been hidden from our sight.


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