Submitted Date 11/10/2019

A - Attitude I - Integrity M - Mindfulness

G - Grateful R - Respectful E- Educated A - Appreciated T - Talented


There are two elements that define attitude:

How you view the world around you and the people who are in it, whether they be family, friends, or complete strangers. The perceptions that you have, the beliefs you hold on to, and the upbringing you lived through all play a role in how your attitude develops and changes.

How others see you will directly affect how you behave, think, or feel when that person or type of person is around. Interactions you have with other people throughout your life help to shape your attitude or character, thus defining a part of who you are.


A person's integrity is made up of honesty, giving your best, and following through on your promises. When you have no integrity, you become a thorn in the side of humanity. Then you become isolated when no one can count on you and you've lied too many lies.


Having integrity not only makes you trustworthy in the eyes of others, but integrity also gives your life a more meaningful purpose. Being true to others is an indication that you are being true to yourself and when that's the case, you feel better, you work harder, and you achieve your goals.


Mindfulness involves staying focused on the present moment with all of your senses in order to fully experience the life you are living. It means listening to the sounds around you, taking notice of how you are feeling, smelling the fresh air when you're walking to your car. Paying attention to the world around us, being aware of the emotions we are experiencing, and living in the now releases us from the worries of our tomorrows and the regrets of our past. It opens our eyes to what we have to appreciate in our life no matter how insignificant it may seem.


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