Submitted Date 12/17/2019

Tangled in the wires of fear and self-doubt

Tangled in the locks of her hair

Enchanted by the secrets best kept hidden

Your home becomes hers


The fire barely let out a whimper

But with a sense of passion making a comeback

The fire reveals shades of yellow

She slips off her dress, contrasting in nude


The fire prays for the sun

But night has reached

And what seems common becomes anything but

Her gaze off the mirror

sharpens the flame


Fingers tremble

One's breath sinks

No water available to stamp out the tension


You and her give in

You and her enter that next dimension, that next plane of emotion, of connection, of understanding

You lick her on her neck and breasts, rubbing in the salt

She grips your muscular, well-outlined back

She penetrates the windows to your soul

And you handle the rest

Her devil-red painted nails sink in

One of them almost break in two

Cloud Nine feels a whole lot different on the other side


The morning after

You're brought back down

That post-nut clarity hits

She clings onto every thought

Like a battered housewife

She fixes her makeup with stained blood


The fire rages on

But what sinks in now is the

threat, the implication

Double take after double take


Like a cat

She scurries out the door

Headphones plugged in

Distractions put in place

Phone on standby


You're there

Sitting down in the kitchen, checking the news

Concerned, befuddled and confused

With a plate of bacon, French toast with syrup, and soggy eggs

to match the mood


She's long gone on her way

And all the excuses she needs are

There in waiting.



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