Submitted Date 04/23/2019

The one thing I have learned in all that I've been through is that you truly don't know anyone's intentions or their feelings towards you ever. They could smile in your face but be throwing knives at your back when you aren't looking. People that you crossed oceans for to ensure they are ok wouldn't even cross a sidewalk for you. This isn't true for everyone of course but it is a broad statement because people you may have known for years can turn their backs. Your circle of people you trust with everything could wake up one morning and prove to you they aren't worthy of it while taking everything you trusted them with and running. Keep reading because there is a point to this I promise.

Although the world can be rough and some days you may question why it's being so rough to you and so kind to everyone else, there is a reason. We don't know the reasons but they are there. Life can suck but it can also be the most beautiful thing you've experienced IF... and this is the most important part. IF you have happiness within yourself and find love within yourself the world is beautiful. Nobody can take the light of a candle from you if you keep it safe instead of holding it out for the world to blow out whenever it gets a little windy. Read that last sentence again...

Everyone tells everyone else that you can't do anything until you are happy with yourself. I use to think that was just a saying but now it's the rule I live by. Brush things off because they won't last forever and don't waste the little time you have here unhappy because of someone else. Love if you're ready but live while you can.


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