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When the travel bug hits you, the scratch can be hard to ignore. There are so many places to see and things to do. From the coast of Italy sipping wine and nibbling on stinky gourmet cheese to smelling flowers and tossing back pints of frothy beers in London. Whether you enjoy camping, shopping, thrillseekers and serenity searchers alike can turn off or turn up. Vacations are all about what you need to take life in— a little slower.

Amalfi Coast, Italy



The Amalfi Coast in Italy is gorgeous. Lap up the Tyrrhenian Sea and the bewitching views of the cascading Lattari Mountains. South of Salerno, Amalfi is a diamond wedged deep in a thick blanket of gardens and trees. In Italy, there's food, incredible architecture, adventure, and wine. Sapphire seas wash the sands of the Lido di Ravello, a beach along the Amalfi which has managed to keep its privacy. The Amalfi Coastline makes up a handful of other culturally rich cities such as Positano, Capri, Ravello, and Furore to select a few. The smell of lemon fills the air and the streets of this coastal city. Indulge in La Dolce Far Niente even if only for one day.




St Lucia

Photo of the Pitons:https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g147342-Activities-c57-t66-St_Lucia.html

Immerse yourself in the history and culture of St. Lucia. A small sovereign island in the Caribbean that's teeming with exciting adventures, and vacation vibes. Hike secluded jungles, soak in volcanic mud and bathe in the crystal waters. Mt. Pimard in Rodney Bay offers views of the island and the Pitons once you've reached the top. Explore a number of nature reservations that foster wildlife in its natural elegance.




Paris, France

Photo Credit: https://elegant-classics.tumblr.com/image/183253181399

Paris is exquisite and classically timeless. A place most people dream of visiting at least once. There is food, wine, language, and fashion like nowhere else. Stroll along on walking tours, pausing to snack on delicate cheeses and a "verre de vin." Enroll in a small group baking class with an authentic French pastry chef. Share a passionate kiss under the Eiffel Tower, or get lost in La Cinematheque Francaise. The Cinematheque is a french theater museum with functional theaters and its own restaurant.





Photo Credit: https://www.albomadventures.com/things-to-do-in-montevideo/

Located in South America, Uruguay is a progressive country stuck in old-world charm. Colonia Del Sacramento is one of the oldest cities with historic quarters and cobblestone streets. Drink and be merry with a bottle of Grappamiel."Grappamiel is brandy distilled from the fermented residue of grapes after they've been pressed in winemaking."(https://twomonkeystravelgroup.com) After you've had a taste grab your partner and learn to tango. This dance originates both from Argentina and Uruguay.


Yellowstone National Park

Photo Credit Parenthoodandpassports.com

You can enter this incredible national park via three different states. This expansive wonder stretches into Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Yellowstone is notable for its hot springs, geysers, and wildlife. Old Faithful is one of the most popular features that people travel from all over to see. The crowds can become quite large, and so you might want to take advantage of the boardwalk trail up Geyser Hill. Grand Prismatic Spring is one of the largest hot springs in the United States, and is well known for its colorful appearance.


Sydney, Australia

photo credit: https://www.broadsheet.com.au/sydney/event/bondi-winter-magic-festival


Australia is home to a diverse population of plant and animal life as well as a hub for cultural arts. The Sydney Opera house is a must-see spot for many tourists. There are over 148 different ways to experience this magnificent piece of architecture. Every winter Sydney becomes a winter wonderland. Bondi Winter Magic is a festival that transforms the city into an icy paradise. There's music, food, cabaret, art and ice skating while staring at the ocean and beach.


New Zealand

Photo Credit: https://www.newzealand.com/us/lake-tekapo/


With its majestic landscapes, rolling hills, and lush greenery New Zealand is seriously scenic. Explore Rotorua and immerse yourself in the Maori culture. Much like Yellowstone National Park, Rotorua also is home to many hot springs and mud pools. Also found in Rotorua is Rainbow Springs which is home to an animal conservation park. Lake Tekapo is a beautiful body of creamy teals and turquoise. The glaciers melt into the lake and the silt creates a unique color.


Yosemite National Park

Photo Credit: Theouternationalist.com

Yosemite is breathtaking with stunning views, granite cliffs, waterfalls, and the Famous Jeffrey Pine. A must-see for outdoorsy adventurists that enjoy camping and hiking. Trek through to the Sentinel Dome and witness the fallen Jeffrey Pine. The tree was immortalized by Ansel Adams, suffered fatally from drought and fell in 2003. The tree remains in the park where campers can admire the beauty of life and death.


London, United Kingdom

Photo Credit: avenlylanetravel.com

London isn't always gloomy with clouds and rain. Venture toward Columbia Road on Sunday for the flower market. The street is lined with tons of independent local shops that offer local goods. Florists parade their prized plants and flowers outside their shops for a fresh and floral welcome. Make a day of browsing, drinking and eating through the whole strip and feel good supporting local business owners. The natural wildlife in London is not far from Central London. Richmond Park is a natural nature reserve, home to many animals such as deer, 144 species of birds,546 butterfly and moth species, 1350 different beetles and fungi.





Title Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

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    Just about any small town in Italy is wonderful -- the view is always good and the local food out of this world.