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There are simultaneously jobs everywhere, and nowhere. Having a job is a privilege that adds value and self-worth for an individual. Finding a job can be exhausting, stressful, and depressing. Many of us have found ourselves "fired". Out of work before our first sip of coffee. At times it's the employees' fault, due to negligence or inappropriate behavior. Other times it can appear that the employers are the ones throwing their weight around. Getting fired happens to lots of us. It's embarrassing, awful, and traumatic. You aren't alone, learn from these mistakes and avoid getting burned by that job you spent months hunting for. Just got fired? Discover the highest-ranking jobs this year, and consider working for some of the best. There are toxic employees and toxic workplaces — avoid both.


Social media is all around, and a real problem for employers. There are contracts issued to employees for codes of conduct at work, and also the image projected on social media platforms. Before Snapchat and Instagram, employees were fairly free to be themselves outside of the workplace. Now those threads can get you fired because it interferes with the company's image. Protect yourself on social media, using alternative usernames that aren't linked to your actual name. Keep your colleagues away from your accounts. Think before you post. Any content that is posted can be taken out of context, manipulated, and twisted. Before you post, understand the risks.

This poor woman worked two jobs. One role as an Assistant Manager position with an undisclosed clothing store, and one role as a stripper.


"I have a broad work history. At this time I was the assistant manager at a large, trendy clothing store. I would also work as a stripper every so often just to bulk up my savings account."

"So one night at the strip club, I was feeling cheeky and took a few snaps of me, scantily clad but nothing showing nudity. I posted it on my story. As far as I knew nobody I worked with was affiliated with me on there anymore so I didn't pay much mind. Might I add that I would never let my night job interfere with my full-time retail job in the aspects of job performance, attendance or punctuality."

In this scenario, the employee mentions that she was confronted with her use of social media previously and made changes to her accounts to accommodate her employer at the store. Even so, the content was visible and not aligning with the image of their company. From an employer's perspective; finding out an employee is a stripper can be surprising, however, it doesn't affect her performance at the clothing store. The strip club doesn't worry about her job as an assistant manager. Certainly, there have been managers in all areas of the workforce that have moonlighted as a strip club dancer before the days of Snapchat. Arguably from a marketing and branding perspective, she was drawing attention to another business she is employed at. Potentially bringing in more customers. Ultimately beware of what you share.

Companies that are known for their efficiency and consistency often have strict guidelines and standards that can get even a strong employee "canned".


"So I worked for Apple and we have repair times that us technicians have to stay within or else we have a documented coaching with a manager (basically a write up)..."

This employee describes that they arrived to work, radios into the team that they are ready to work, and then is immediately called into an office. The supervisor suggests to "separate employment".

" I start having an anxiety attack(it's something I struggle with and work on) and while they are telling me my average repair time was one minute and 12 seconds past what it needed to be so that was the cause of my firing, they didn't seem to care that I always pick up shifts, my AppleCare numbers are thru the freaking roof."

Unfortunately, even employees that produce high ratings, are dependable, and likable can still be fired because someone can do their job faster. Every company has different values. The submission states the employee receives coaching and a write-up, but the post doesn't mention any personal claim that they received treatment. There are always two sides to a story, and this side sucks.

First jobs are tough. Teenagers are hard to manage, just ask their parents. Their attitudes and ideas of what a job is can cause a rude awakening. To understand a job and its responsibilities while performing without resistance or snark is harder to learn for some.

"I was 16 and working as a dishwasher at a summer tennis camp at an exclusive tennis club. The owner of the club was upset that I had not taken all the trash out. I explained to him that the dumpster was full and overflowing."

A simple problem, calls for a simple solution. This teenager tried to avoid a task because of a minor infraction and learned a huge lesson.

"He told me that I needed to climb into the dumpster and jump up and down on the trash to create more room in it. I said that I wouldn't do it. He told me that he wouldn't ask me to do anything that he wouldn't do himself. [So I told him that he should climb into the dumpster and jump up and down...]"

Fired over a snippy attitude will nip that problem in the bud. Next time that kid will hopefully do as they are told even if the task isn't pleasant. Jobs aren't made to make us miserable, but they aren't always glamorous, or exciting. Taking the trash out isn't fun, but someone has to do it, and if an employee can't handle taking the garbage out, what else are they letting slip?

Searching for a job can feel overwhelming. Most searches return thousands of results, and then many will apply to upwards of 50 places before landing an interview or a position. Earning a job can feel like winning the lottery. Find the best companies to work for. Glassdoor; an essential career listing platform that also allows employees to rate their employer or company compiles a list every year of which companies are the "highest-rated". According to their list, the top ten companies you should be looking at are:


10. Southwest Airlines

9. Lulu Lemon

8. Google

7. Facebook

6. LinkedIn

5. Boston Consulting Group

4. Procore Technologies

3. In- N- Out Burger

2. Zoom Video Communications

1. Bain & Company

Check out their open jobs via their website.



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