Submitted Date 12/04/2021

Here is another short fanfic that I wrote about 13 years. Master Windu came calling demanding his own vignette. Who am I to argue when the muses speak? I hope you enjoy this little look into the mind of one of the most venerable of the Jedi Council.

And if you're a fan of Mace Windu and you've never read the novel Shatterpoint by Matthew Stover, I highly recommend it.



Star Wars and all related characters are owned by George Lucas and LucasFilms (author's note: now Disney) and not by me. I'm just borrowing them for a little while.


Reflections From A Karuun Master

The shatterpoints all connected, as I knew they would, yet the fate of the galaxy was out of my hands.

The Chosen One was the shatterpoint to end all shatterpoints. His fate was beyond anything we mere mortals could comprehend.

And I, Mace Windu, could only stand helpless and watch my beloved die. What was it the Senator said? With thunderous applause?

The Republic is no more, as I am.

I join my brethren in the Force and I can only learn from those who congregate around me.

I can only lend my own energies to those that went before.

Even now as I contemplate my death, I discover that within the Force I was already cradled, never to have my body broken by the fall I took.

I can still see his face, the conflict, the anger, the fear…all indicative of the dark side of the Force.

I should have trained him. Or Master Koon. We could've helped him harness that to the light.

We could've done many things.

We chose the wrong path.

I chose the wrong shatterpoint.

And everything revolves on two small babies hidden from the man that would've loved them dearly had he survived.

As there is nothing left of I, there is nothing left of that man.

Or is there?

Only time and the Force will ever know.


Original fanfiction story by Beth A. Freely, circa 2009ish.


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