Submitted Date 02/14/2021

Some would run. Some would walk or even crawl but unlike them I skip. Skipping Across America. I lived in one place my whole life. I've wondered what is it I am to do. What I'm suppose to learn and how I'm suppose to grow. Most people call me Sarah or something office like all the people who I've went to school with. At least until my twin brother Seth, stopped standing up for me.

After he stopped standing up for me, everything changed. He was no longer my best friend, I didn`t really have anyone. No one really in fact knows that Seth and I are twins besides a couple of his best friends. The only time they're actually even nice to me is when I'm at home. While Seth has the perfect blond hair like our hair, I had our late mom's light brown hair compared to him I look like a potato. We had the same height, amber green eyes, last name and lightly tanned skin yet no one seems to notice. We have the same birthday were the same age yet nothing. Maybe it's because we just don't look alike.

I walk down the familiar hallway of my school as of course I was met with eyes on me like bricks. Starring and tearing me down right before everyone's eyes. I was always being picked on and yet now I had no one to turn to. All I can really do it turn to the one thing that keeps my mind off of everything. My music. I hated their eyes on me. I then again also hated them when I pretend I don't exist when I need help. I wish sometimes I could just be invisible yet I know I'd hate it.

I make my way towards my next class, Which happens to be the one thing I love the most. Music. I took the same seat I've sat in everyday this year, the one in front. Closest to the teacher. No one would bother me, the way I liked it. If they did, Which isn't to often, would just end up being picked on. However like I said before it use to be different. Now my brother can barley look in my direction. Seth along with his friends slowly fill the room. Everyone sits down but Seth walked over close by me.

"Sarah" I heard a familiar voice whispered and I turned towards my twin.

"Yeah?" I asked annoyed as he laughs at my face. Yeah, I show my emotions on my face unlike y


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