Submitted Date 08/25/2019

He was toxic,

Complete and pure poison,

But it was my favorite flavor.

Blueberry acid rushed through my body,

Leaving a warm sense of security and happiness.

Everything was perfect,

As long as the poison was in constant supply.

As long as he was there.

That's when I started to learn,

The danger of addiction in the form of a human.


He became inconsistent,

The flavor was still unmatched

But the longing for that sense of security

Left me with withdrawals in the form of a teardrop.

He would return as if he wasn't gone,

I would feel better but not as good as before

The warm sense of home was dwindling.

I tried to condition myself slowly,

To live without the poison

That had kept me happy for so long.


That's when he left.

I tried to prepare myself,

To convince myself it wasn't needed.

Poison is poison and I didn't need it.

But the sudden realization hit,

The warm sense of security

And home

And happiness

Would never come to me again,

In that flavor.

I couldn't move,

I had prepared for this,

Why does it hurt so much?


I continued with life,

Waiting for the phone call

Waiting to here he made a mistake.

And that's when I met Strawberry.

But it wasn't poison this time,

It was love.

The kind Blueberry could never give me.


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  • Ashley Aker 4 years, 9 months ago

    I enjoyed this comparison. I like that you explored a toxic relationship with the person involved knowing it wasn't good for them. I thought the use of flavor was a creative way to describe love. We tend to stick to what we know when it comes to taste. Which is why it's probably always phrased that way. I always appreciate when I cook and I can convince someone to try a new flavor. You don't know how good strawberries are if you're only picking blueberries.

  • Ceara 4 years, 9 months ago

    I love the metaphor of fruit, especially those berries which really embody the type of relationship you describe. Thanks for sharing!