Submitted Date 04/03/2019

I am damaged. Do not forge lies and tell me this is not the truth when I know that it is. Have you looked upon the Parthenon?

Have you seen its missing pieces, it's broken walls? Did you ever question its greatness even with its hollow halls torn and empty?

Even through years of abuse, of others taking more than they need it has stood tall. Unwavering.

And I can stand tall, in the shadow of Athena I can grow. Guarded by her, shaded and showered in her grace I can become a wonder of the world.

The virgin goddess, with all her wisdom guides my hand and though she is patron of strength, she is who Aries seeks for strategy before he leaves for war, I will not strike.

I could bring you to your knees with the knowledge of me, but like my goddess I am just. I am wise, I shall one day have the courage to look you deep with in your eyes and say I am sorry.

I am sorry you felt that you were in such a place you could not stand your body. That instead you felt entitled to a share of mine.

And if my goddess could gift me one thing give me what mortal men deemed a curse. Gift me what you gave your most faithful priestess, let me be her legend, let me be her victor and carry on her name what ever way I can.

Because what you gave her was no curse, you gave her a cure.

You set her free from this world forged to fit the pleasures of men, she became just another conquered pleasure to a god who thought himself greater than her worth.

I became a conquered pleasure to a man who thought himself godly.

Give me the sight to bring men to their knees weak in fear of a woman so great as me. I shall turn men such as him to stone.

I will take upon myself the name Medusa, for in itself means guardian. I will be Athena's breast plate, I will be the golden shield.

If you shall take me into battle I will make them quake in the path I rampage. And if they shall take my head from my shoulders the way they have before, I once more will give birth to the winged horse.

If anything should come from this, know I am stronger that him. I am wiser now for this, I will stand on the fields of battle and tear your armies apart with my glance.

Know that this is all true, and though I may be damaged I am free.


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