Submitted Date 11/09/2019

Your voice touches me, the words seem so real,

I love the way they excite, intoxicate, the way they make me feel,

I know the truth but the lie is so sweet,

Had you but been honest, I would be laying at your feet,

You preferred this game over taking what I was willing to give,

Unbeknownst to you, this story, I have already once had to live,

The scars are still reminders of how I became this way,

So your game this time, it is I, who has decided to play,

Tell me your story, declare your love only to me,

But know this my dear captor, the truth I do see,

When in the end it is you who wears these chains,

Do not distress dear, I only offer your justly earned gains,

For you see nothing but your desires to fulfill and your pleasures to name,

But you play with the master, and it is I, who is truly in control of this game.

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