Submitted Date 04/12/2023

Exhaust yourself

Tweaking on fumes

I'm an abyss

You're an scythe

Slice right through my barren wasteland

God comes with you

But the Devil does too

They're a pair that's inseparable

By the grace of millennia and beyond


All I want to be contemplating is death

Turn off the T.V.

Let everything go to black

Throw your phone out the window

Like a grand piano

On the way down

Into the pavement

Play every note

Play that last note

At every octave

Because we're coming home

Don't worry

Just leave luck to heaven

And hell will take care of the rest

If it looks like I act like I don't care too much

I am honestly just fine

I'm just a leaf, floating in the wind

It's all going to be alright

Leave luck to heaven

I'll stay down here

and bury myself in my own tomb


There's so much insight and wisdom down there

Unfounded, underrated, overlooked

Do you know what it means to be at peace

To not have anything inside of you or anything existential

to wrestle with

To not wish you were somewhere else or

somewhere better

with more overpriced garbage


Leave luck to heaven

I'll remain down here

We'll both still have to pay our dues

Let these angels come down

and take me against my will


I'll make my bed

And sleep on it

Only thing that's ever given me any sense of peace


Leave luck to heaven

The night is still young

And I'll lay asleep

In its barren arms


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