Submitted Date 05/14/2019

One too many of us go around with a frown on our face, always wondering when things are going to look up. We may have dreams, but we cover them on the day to day. We look for simple fixes to our pain but really, we can't have any peace until we have settled in our hearts that we are worth it. We are trying our best.

They say that you are your toughest critic. I couldn't agree more. I lose confidence in myself when I compare myself to those around me. I keep all my worries inside and I judge myself constantly for not being perfect.

Here are some tips to help you get along:

Focus on growth- not perfection. Amen. There is freedom in knowing that who you are today is not the finished product. You cannot rely on having all the pieces together to finally feel like you can make it. Do all you can today and do not worry about fixing every broken part of you.

It's all in the timing. I know countless stories of people saying, I had no way out and I was in such a rough place until one day…. One day it all changed. I don't believe in giving up. I don't think you should either. Sometimes you got to fight your way to the top. Wherever that is for you. Keep climbing your own mountain. And don't give up before your breakthrough!

Don't "man up". It's okay to admit that you've had enough. It's okay to say on January 1st that you've had a rough year. Don't let anybody's expectations of you inhibit you from fully expressing how you feel. I think it's dangerous to stuff it all in and not let anybody see. It may just be keeping you back from experiencing something real with those around you.

Shout for joy! Shout in the atmosphere that your breakthrough is on the way! Practice being happy for the moments where you truly, truly are. Shout and be joyous even when nothing is going your way. You're only going to boost the confidence of those around you.

Don't run away from the unexpected. Life may not always be what you pictured. You may not have been handed an "easy" life by anybody's expectations. But those who give up when it's rough don't get to feel the wonderful fresh air at the top of the cliff you just battled to climb. You don't have to sell yourself short because this is what you have been dealt in your life so far. Go out and make a new story for yourself. Show the world that you are not a product of your circumstance. Dare to dream boldly and bigger than anyone else in your family. And while your own the way to your destiny, don't be afraid to lose a few friends or loved ones you thought would be there for you. Maybe they were not supposed to be their all along. I can assure you that there is a great destiny for your life and not everyone is always going to support you. But you can always support you. So step out into the unknown- do something unexpected. Tell yourself you can dream again. You can do it.


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