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The Godavari Express, which Roopa boarded at Secunderabad that September evening, raced on the railway track as if powered by the pull of her passion even as the sound of its vibrations synchronized with the pounding of her heart beats. But, when the train came to a screeching halt at Kazipet, ending her two-hour long anxiety, it didn't take long for her to jump into the waiting arms of Raja Rao.

"I read your letter a hundred times for its romantic quality," he said as he pulled it from his pocket.

"Thanks for your compliment, for my maiden attempt," she sank into him coyly.

"Why don't you read it for me?" he gave her the letter.

"Why do you want to embarrass me?" she said gazing at it lovingly.

"Having seen your love in the print of your hand, now I want to savour it in the tenor of your tone," he coaxed her.

She smiled with satisfaction, but read with inhibition.

"Raja dear,

Believe me, for more than an hour now, I've been toying with my pen to picture the feelings of my heart so that you could feel them in my missive. If only you've been around, by now, we would've made love twice over. Is there any human expression other than lovemaking that is so full in its intent and content!

I wonder why I feel so diffident to find words to express that by which I breathe life, is it not our love that helps me live. Maybe, a woman prefers to preserve her love in the recess of her heart, as if its exposure, even to her lover, deprives it of its pristine purity. You know, I didn't have any inhibitions turning nude that night, before your very eyes, that too on my own. So, isn't it strange that I should struggle now to bare my heart, in spite of your command! It looks like the emotions of my love are closer to my heart than the feelings of my frame, if not, how could have I steered clear of all those temptations for the appointment with our fulfillment? Oh what a destiny!

Why, I'm annoyed with you still, for having insisted on my penning down my inner feelings, although I made you privy to every nuance of my emotion. Haven't I conveyed my craving for you through my body, every time it was entwined with yours? But, as you know, I only live to fulfill every whim and fancy of yours.

All the same, I can feel your desire to behold our love in my hand, having seen it through my eyes. But be certain that whichever way you look at it, you will still find me fulfilled. If I could make you feel likewise, I would have a purpose to live, and a cause to die for. Don't you pull faces (she paused to see his face and found it aglow) I know what our love means to you too.

Thanks to our union, I have a revelation, as I find it hard to relive the sexual ecstasy I've experienced with you; the sensual pleasure of your touch has come to stay in my consciousness. It is as though the softness of your skin has seeped through my flesh.

I'm in wait - to meet and mate.

Yours ever, by heart and soul,

Roopa Rao."

"I'm eager," he said.

"I'll ablute," she went about it.

"I'm thirsty," he said in time.

"Let's turn 69."

"Oh, my Roopa," he sputtered at length.

"Let's roll over."

"Don wants it," he said pushing her away in time.

"Dame too craves."

"Juicy welcome," he said as she took him in.

"I'm going mad," she groaned.

"Your spasms tell," he crooned.

"I'm dying," she cried.

"How thrilling," he moaned.

"Your motions tell," she was ecstatic.

"I'm coming!" he exclaimed.

"My orgasm tells," she cooed in the end.

As they lay in embrace, she said,

"Lay me in the bed that I grew up daydreaming."

"What a love rash you've?" he said in all admiration.

"If it's a new coinage, you must attribute it to me," she said happily.

"Done darling," he said kissing her.

"Won't laying the hen in its den be a big game?" she said lovingly.

"What next, my den," he said, in jest.

"Imagine the possibilities, with the other one around," she winked at him.

"How devilishly you love Roopa!" he exclaimed.

"A devil in the bed and an angel otherwise, haven't you heard it said," she said joyously.

Excerpted from the chapter, Euphoric Forays, of the author's Benign Flame:Saga of Love at Wattpad and in

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