Submitted Date 09/12/2018

It’s never too late to change. I’ve done a lot of bad things to myself and others that I’m not proud of. Because of this, a bunch of drastic things happened to me almost simultaneously during the last few months. All of this made something click inside of me and want to start over from scratch. I started to rewire my whole mindset. It was a very difficult process and it’s still going on. I had to start taking apart my identity and destroying my ego, in order to have any chance of really changing. It was necessary to look inside and see why I’d been feeling so bad. That profound soul searching was key. I had to dig through all the bad stuff built up deep down and let it go.

Little by little I started to see some progress. By letting go of negative emotions and thoughts, I was also able to leave behind bad habits. This made huge differences on how I felt and my perspective on life in general. Once I began this process, I felt free and more at peace. It made me want to do more positive things for myself and people around me. I started to really love myself and others. This inspired me and triggered my creativity, motivating me to make incredible things happen.

​​​​​​​PH: El Viaje De Mis Fotos


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