Submitted Date 08/31/2022

No longer will I stare into the sun of your life.
only a glimpse will I take from now on
staring let my eyes adjust to the masking brilliance and only then did I see you clearly, see me clearly.
that steady incandescent explosion hides gargantuan worry underneath
inside the coronal embrace you are rocked to silence
never sleep. only silence.
terror tamped down into just-under-madness just like me
fear-charted eyes searching the horizon for a savior
I'm already here. Reporting for duty.Ready to save. I've been to school for it.
Saving school. That's right. It's an online university and they offered the low-blood,almost-torture lynching where the ropes are velvet and the crowns have silicone thorns. Some people say it's not a big sacrifice but they tie you up to that sateen-covered cross and put your phone in a bag an inch from your hand you can see it you can hear the texts arriving can't touch it oh my GOD fuck that none of you are worth this I've been sobbing for three days.
I spent three days in the bowels of the great,digital sow of MEDIA. I would write that word in blood but liquid crystal seems appropriate for this kind of salvation. The Seven Billion-Nippled Sow showed me the little clockwork gears that fill her fleshy halls.

It was there that I saw the end (kinda) of all real things. Soon every thing in the universe will be BROUGHT TO YOU BY and if you fail to say all of each noun they'll send you to a prison camp where you talk to your grandparents about the depression all day until you scratch out the eyes of your grandmother because that my dear is chakra-clearing with PANACHE. So do it upon arrival. See how I already saved hours for you?

Sounds survivable but it ain't, sugar. You're not going to enjoy ordering your next ten ounce filet brought to you by the Wicklow Brothers Bakery with a baked potato brought to you by the Camp Lejeune Water Company slathered in butter brought to you by maaaan. Fuck this. Let's go home brought to you by a lifetime of hyper focus on the wrong things, shall we?

Anyway I rose from the kinda-wish-I-was-dead after I found the secret of life and imma lay it on your cute little ears right now, ya hear?
I'm brought to you by every single decision made by every ancestor in my spiderweb lineage and they were REAL, baby. Just like yours. Let's just be real every second of every day with each other and maybe one day I'll tell you about how much Jesus loved me when he let me meet you in that snowy german foyer all darkened because 11pm just isn't the time for illumination no matter what you await and even in germany they gotta turn the lights off when you're about to shine, Love. The antechamber of always. The entryway of everyday. Hand me my phone, will you?

Brady S BowenI like pretty words.


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