Submitted Date 08/24/2019

Resentment by Joseph Beard Jr


Years have gone by and I can't forget the things you did to me

The pain you caused and the hurt you left behind

We went from best friends to lovers and from lovers to enimies

You left me broken and alone and til this day I still hold on to that pain

I resent you for moving on and never looking back

I resent you for making me love you and you never loving me back

Yes i resent you

3 years we spent together and I was blinded by my own love

I didn't see the signs and if I did I didn't care

I thought you were the one and I thought we'd last forever but boy was I wrong

I resent you for breaking my heart

I resent you for making me care

Yes I resent you

Pain doesn't go away no matter how hard we try

The thoughts never really fade as much as we pray they would

Deleting picture after picture to avoid feeling some type of way but you always miss one

I resent you for everything becasue i've never let you go

I resent you for my sleepless nights and all the tears i shed

Yes I resent you but its time to let you go



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