Submitted Date 03/25/2020

Today I woke up. I felt tired again. Not the usual spring out of bed, but wanting to lay there and sleep longer than usual. This is not normal for me. I texted my boss that I would be working from home until I felt better. We don't have a large office, so I have been able to work at the office as I desire. I tried to check the news and my email. My network is poor at home, so no news. I was able to see my note from the universe. It said something along the lines of, "what if you could wipe your entire past and start over?" Then it said, "your past isn't your present, freedom and power lie in the present." It was nice, but sometimes the notes give me an "aha" moment and sometimes they don't. Today it did not.

I arose and got up. I let my dog outside and began to sweep, clean, and make coffee. I felt weighted down. Groggy, and like I just wanted to go back to bed. My partner arose and helped with making coffee and breakfast. We chatted for a little bit then he left. I began my work day. I made a phone call and a plan for what I wanted to accomplish for the day. I executed several work items and felt the drowsiness creeping in. My boss had told me to do 20 jumping jacks saying something at the same time, if I could do that I was fine. I appreciate the sentiment but reminded him that not being around people was more for other people than myself. I do think I'll be fine. I took a nap for 20 minutes then decided I was ready to kick whatever the feeling was in the ass. I took vitamins, cleaned up some more around my cabin and decided to go for a hike. It is almost 50 degrees here today. The sun is shining.

I rode down to the Saint George River and did a 30 minute hike. The snow is melting from yesterday's precipitation. The river is getting louder and the rapids are stronger than usual. I let the sun shine on my face as I stand over a bridge of crystal clear water. not seeing a soul until I got back to the parking lot and encountered some fisherman putting flies on their hooks.

My spirits were lifted being around the trees and feeling the sunshine on my face. I went back home, made lunch, and did more work. I checked in with a few friends to see how they were doing. I feel normal again. The tiredness is gone. The sore throat feeling and ache in my bones is gone. I will go visit some ducks and have a sauna this evening as Qurantime continues.



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