Submitted Date 08/21/2019

When we desire to make the world a better place, it is a win-win situation for everyone. With a world that is ever-growing in hate and violence, what things can we do to make a difference in the world?

There are small ways and significant ways we can make a difference, today! Learn twenty ways to go the "extra mile" and make a change for the better in the world we live in!

Friends, Family, & Strangers

Every day, our world is filled with knowing friends, family, and even coming across strangers. So, what can we do to make a difference in these visitations?

Being a Better Friend – We can be a better friend in many ways. Maybe, you need to call a long-lost friend and see how they are doing. Alternatively, write a letter to someone you have not talked to in a while.

Special Family Time – When is the last time you had a family get together for "no reason?" Getting together as a family is not just for holiday time. Plan a quick and easy get together with your immediate family, or extended family.

Kindness to Strangers – There are many shattered lives in the world today. So, take a moment to spread some kindness to those you come across. You never know who you will be blessing to by imparting a smile or saying a genuine "May I help you" to them?

Youth Organizations

Helping children of future generations is a beautiful way to make a difference in this world. I have spent over fifteen years volunteering for different children's organizations. Here are a few to consider.

Cub Scouts – Helping as a leader or even as a parent can make a difference in the lives of young boys. Also, there are benefits of being actively involved alongside your children.

Girl Scouts – If you have young girls in your family, or like to work with girls of all ages, then consider volunteering for the Girl Scouts. Troops are always looking for volunteers as leaders, organizers, Cookie moms (and dads), and as parents to help with meeting times as well as events.

4-H Clubs – This is another excellent organization who is always looking for leaders and helpers. Many locations will even allow you to create a "club" you are interested in helping. For example, if you are a professional photographer, you can create a 4-H photography club to teach youth of various ages.

Older Generations

Another area of need in this world is helping the older generations. There are many opportunities here to make a difference.

Meals on Wheels – This organization helps provide meals to elderly shut-ins. They deliver meals regularly and in the past, have taken volunteers to help them in their efforts.

Nursing Homes – Many nursing homes have options for visitors to come and say hello to residents. Moreover, some homes even have game days for the residents - in which youth and adults can come and participate. The residents are truly blessed and also feel like someone cares for them during this alone time in their lives.

Neighbors in Need – There are always neighbors in need, including those who are older in age. Offering to do yard work, cleaning, and running simple errands can help relieve the burden this generation may be bearing.

More Ways to Make a Difference

There are many numerous other ways you can make a difference in this world today. Here are some other ideas you can use to make an action plan to "pay it forward."

Letters to the Military – Creating messages to send to the military is a beautiful way to help our servicemen and women recognize we are thinking of them. Operation Gratitude, A Million Thanks, & Support Our Troops are just a few organizations who help to get our letters to those who serve.

Compassion & Operation Shoebox – If you are short on time to help, then consider sponsoring a needy child through Compassion for a small monthly fee. Another great option is to participate in Operation Shoebox. Individuals and families are encouraged to fill up a shoebox of items to send to a child during the Christmas holidays.

Literacy & Books – Help children (and adults) enjoy the world of reading. Create a free book exchange box in your neighborhood for the children. Alternatively, you can help adults learn to read through volunteering your time at a local library.

Women Abuse Shelters – Consider helping abused women in your community. Frequently, shelters for battered women are in secret locations for protection reasons. However, you can often donate clothing, toiletries, and other items to these shelters. Contact your local community chapters and ask them if they take donations.

Animal Rescue & Shelters – If you are a pet lover, consider donating your time and resources for animal rescue units and local animal shelters. Many times, these operations are non-profit organizations. Moreover, they can use a helping hand in taking care of cats, dogs, and other animals.

Declutter & Donate – One of our family favorites is to declutter and donate items to local organizations which help the disabled youth and adults. So, why not give no longer used items to those in need?

Ronald McDonald Houses – This is another excellent place to donate your time or resources. In the past, our family has routinely created home-cooked meals and snacks for those staying at the Ronald McDonald houses. These "homes" help those who have medical emergencies with no place to stay. For instance, a family may have a child in the hospital. Also, Ronald McDonald houses offer a place to stay for these families during their time of need.

Blood & Organ donations – This is another excellent way to make a difference for those in our world. Donating blood to local blood banks can help save many lives. So for those interested in being an organ donor, you can easily add this option to your driver's license.

In Conclusion

How do you plan to make a difference in the world you live? Are there things you or your family do to help make the world we live in a better place? Please take a moment to share your ideas with us!

Barbi Green


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  • Ceara 4 years, 9 months ago

    It is so important to give back to our community. You hit so many great ways to do so. Thanks for sharing!

    • Barbi Green 4 years, 9 months ago

      Thanks, Ceara! There are so many ways we can all make the world a better place! Even small ways can make a huge difference in our world over time!