Submitted Date 12/22/2019

Charlie Chipmunk collected acorns from his favorite tree.


He heard a chirp chirp chirp in the bush down below.


Charlie scurried over to see what had made the noise.


There he found a baby bird tangled in the branches and thorns.


Chirp chirp chirp cried the baby bluebird.


Charlie looked up high into the tall oak tree.


He spotted a bird nest in the hole of the old tree.


He knew he could climb to the highest of branches.


But he didn't know how he could carry a bird.


Charlie needed help from his friend Baby Bunny Gewny.


He scampered towards the meadow to find her.


Charlie found his friend and told her about the bird.


Baby Bunny Gweny thought of an idea.


She asked her momma for the gardening satchel.


Charlie listened as Gweny explained her plan.


They hurried back to the old oak tree.


They could hear the baby bird chirp chirp chirping.


Charlie put the gardening satchel over his shoulder.


He tied the sash around his waist to hold the bag steady.


Baby Bunny Gweny hopped into the bush to get the baby bird.


She put the baby bird in the gardening satchel.


Charlie Chipmunk slowly climbed the old oak tree.


He found the hole that held the bluebird nest.


Momma Bluebird thanked Charlie for rescuing Baby Ava Bluebird.



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