Submitted Date 08/11/2019

In a prior post (https://www.writespike.com/story/nr0UcW2ge7wd/get-lost-girl/), I expressed my feelings about the show Lost Girl (canceled in 2016 but available on Netflix). Even though I wasn't immediately into it, I was curious and willing to stick it through a couple of seasons. Now, after having slogged my way through the entire 22 episodes of season two, I'm back to update my thoughts on the show.

Before I launch that tirade, however, let me digress for a moment. I love Batman. Gotham is the only DC world I've ever been interested in. Like many, I'm into it for the villains and the gadgets. So when Suicide Squad came out in 2016, I was eager to check it out. Absolutely hated it. Aside from the fact that it miserably fails the Bechdel Test (http://www.feministfrequency.com/2009/12/the-bechdel-test-for-women-in-movies/), I could not only predict what would happen in the next scene, but I could even predict the dialogue. In other words, it was so chock full of uninspired catchphrases and clung so tightly to action movie tropes that not even an all-star cast could save it. It's one of my least favorite movies because of that predictability. Sorry to report that I found many of the episodes in the second season of Lost Girl to have the same fatal flaw.

Remember how I enjoyed Dyson in season 1? Well, he lost a significant amount of appeal in the subsequent season. His replacement, a dark fae named Ryan Lambert, is no substitute. His character put me off from the beginning, in episode 14, where he constantly whines about how Bo is 'no fun.' It reminded me of a sleazy guy who complains his date is 'no fun' because she doesn't want to have sex with him. He keeps pushing and pushing and sadly, Bo eventually caves in. It felt date-rapey.

One feature Netflix has that I absolutely love is the ability to skip the intro to shows you happen to be bingeing. If I had to listen to the intro to Lost Girl for all 22 episodes, I'd have to be locked up. It's probably the most inane, nonsensical gibberish I've ever been forced by a production studio to sit through. Gibberish that I will reproduce here for your analysis (minus the repetitive, obnoxious musical accompaniment):

"Life is hard when you don't know who you are.

It's harder when you don't know what you are.

My love carries a death sentence.

I was lost for years, searching while hiding,

Only to find that I belong to a world hidden from humans.

I won't hide anymore.

I will live the life I choose."

Yes, the words are in English but, really? I could write a better intro half asleep on a Monday morning even before coffee. I can hardly believe someone was paid to write it. I assume they were paid.

In the midst of all the predictability, irritating leading men, and intolerable intro, there is one shining gem to make note of. I still very much like Bo's sidekick, Kenzi. She's a bright spot in the din. I may have commented that Kris Holden-Reid's portrayal of Dyson was a bit wooden. His portrayal of Kenzie, however, is over-the-top hilarious. In the ninth episode (titled 'Original Skin'), circumstances force the characters to inhabit one another's bodies for a time. It's a great way to test the range of the actors in the scene. Holden-
Reid doesn't disappoint and I'm still laughing at seeing his perky/girly side. Ksenia Solo does a pretty good Dyson too and I bet the set was in stitches during the filming. You can pretty much skip the rest of season two.

To the fans of Lost Girl, try not to take it personally. I make no character judgments about the show's fan base. Not everything I watch is stellar and I'm no paragon of good taste. I won't, however, be wasting any more time on Lost Girl. Life is too short.


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