Submitted Date 12/25/2018

Boyfriends open car doors and change lightbulbs you can not reach. They may hold your shopping bags or books. They may buy you flowers just because.

Every boyfriend is different. Some are better than others. Now it all depends on your preferences when it comes to what you are grateful for. Granted, I may be biased. My boyfriend is amazing.

For me, I am grateful for my boyfriend who taught me the value in listing the things one is grateful for in life especially when it seems easier to focus on the negative. In a way, I believe expressing gratitude to a partner can also keep a relationship strong just as expressing gratitude in life can make your life better.

This Christmas, I find myself reflecting on the things I am most grateful for and most of them revolve about him.

So, this Christmas, I am grateful for

1. Finding me attractive on our first date even though I showed up sweaty and gross after boxing class.

2. Being patient with me as I process life decisions.

3. Dealing with me on my tough days.

4. Reading my work and always supporting my writing, especially by providing genuine feedback.

5. Making a home with me and being great about staying in most of the time. I love eating at home and making meals together.

6. Cooking dinner during the week when I am consumed with running my business and making it is to jiujitsu classes.

7. Knowing when to tell me to take time off. I love how you encourage me to be successful, but you also know when I need to relax.

8. Respecting my time on the mats. I love how there are no issues with my training jiujitsu and rolling mostly with other men.

9. Morning kisses that help me start the day off great.

10. Giving me the chance to experience life and new things with you.



Photo by Jessica Castro on Unsplash


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