Submitted Date 07/01/2022

Lady Misled is the third novel in the "Lady" series and will be available in the Amazon bookstore soon!

Lady Misled synopsis...


Enjoying her newfound womanhood, a part of Jackie Hemingway still longs for the life of excitement and spying led by Ernest Hemingway. Mundane tasks administered by her CIA handler Tanner have left Jackie unfulfilled and desiring more.

When a Freedom of Information Act request yields unsolicited classified information, Jackie turns to Ron Dunham, her former editor of the Herald Independent for a possible government exposé. Ron inadvertently contacts a friend at the FBI for help who demands the documents.

Jackie gives the documents to her therapist Stefanie, asking her to keep them in a safe place. Government agents follow Jackie, ransacking the Hemingway farm looking for the leaked documents. Realizing that she has placed Ron and Stefanie in danger; it becomes a race against time as Jackie tries to find out who is after her before someone gets hurt.

Going on the run, Jackie retrieves the documents from Stefanie and decides to turn the tables in her favor. She stakes out the CIA at Langley waiting for Tanner to leave. Confronting him, she tells him that the information she mistakenly received is a little too good to be true and wreaks of misinformation or a false flag operation. She throws the envelope at Tanner saying she wants no part of it. Tanner admits it was all a test.

Not going public with the documents leads Tanner to believe that Jackie can be trusted and could be used and exploited as an asset in the government's war on drugs. With a tacit agreement, Jackie now has the secret mission she has always wanted. It will begin a journey southward that will test the limits of her womanhood and her allegiance.

Jackie Hemingway is — Lady Misled…


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