Submitted Date 02/26/2020

29 Fun Things To Do With Your Mom On Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Maybe, you haven't even thought about this particular day yet. But, it's not too early to start off thinking about fun things to do with your mom on Mother's Day!

Here is a list of 29 ideas to get you started:

· Plan a trip to a nearby farmer's market – if your mom enjoys fresh farm foods, then consider taking her to a nearby market in your area.

· Enjoy breakfast together – another idea is to enjoy breakfast together. This can be one prepared at home or eaten out. The idea is to enjoy your family time together.

· Visit a cooking show – visit a show together, which teaches new cooking skills. Many cooking shows are scheduled around this time of the year.

· Take mom to the salon – one way to pamper your mom is to take her to the salon. This can be for a cut and style, a manicure, facial, or even a massage. She is sure to enjoy the benefits.

· Watch a favorite family movie – rent a favorite family movie and make some popcorn or snacks. Or, you can take mum to the show to see a new release.

· Go to a musical or concert – if your mom loves musicals, then search out one near your area. Or, if she has a favorite singer, check to see if they are on tour in your area.

· Shop antique shops – taking time to visit local antique shops or flea markets is another favorite pastime for some mothers.

· Offer home services – if your mom is a hard worker at home, think about ways you can offer your services. This can include doing yard work for her, building her an outdoor garden, or painting in the home.

· Take a fitness class together – one fun way to spend time for mum is to take a fitness class together. See if your local gym offers fitness classes she will enjoy.

· Visit local wineries – locally research wineries and take the day to go together. Wine tasting is typically offered at many wineries, and if she likes a particular flavor, buy her a bottle to take home.

· Spa packages – another way to pamper your mother is to buy her a spa package. Daughters can even book mom-daughter spa getaways for a particular time together.

· Hiking or biking – if your mom loves to hike or bike, consider planning a day out together. Take a picnic lunch for the day and enjoy the outdoors.

· Plan activities centered around her favorite hobby – moms often find it hard to take time to sit down to do their favorite hobbies. Plan a time to allow her to focus on what she loves to do.

· Flower & botanical gardens – May is a great time to start visiting flower shows and botanical gardens.

· Visit art galleries – another option for a fun activity to celebrate Mother's Day is to visit an art gallery. She will enjoy seeing new art exhibits, and it is a friendly activity for the whole family.

· Historical museums – some mums enjoy history and would benefit from visiting a historical museum. Research online to see which ones are near where you live.

· Water activities – activities on the water can include boating, skiing, fishing, or simply relaxing in the pool.

· Painting & pottery – if your mom enjoys painting or ceramics, consider signing up for a class to take together.

· Weekend getaway – Think about what you might do for a weekend getaway. This can be going to explore a nearby town. Or another idea is to go camping for the weekend.

· Driving trip – another idea for a Mother's Day activity is to go on a daytime driving trip. She is sure to enjoy seeing beautiful trees or beach scenery.

· Host a Mother's Day tea party – a popular option for a holiday is to host a tea party. This can be for family only or include invitations to friends of the family. Try a variety of different teas and include finger foods.

· Fruit farm picking options – depending on your area, you can pick a variety of fruits early in the season. For example, you can go to a local farm to pick strawberries, blueberries, oranges, peaches, or raspberries.

· Have crochet along – if your mum loves to crochet, consider having a crochet along. Choose a simple crochet project to take time to crochet together.

· Volunteer together – there are so many options available to spend time together volunteering. One favorite is to help out an animal rescue shelter. Or, you can volunteer at women's shelters, or even for a Ronald McDonald house.

· Horseback riding – maybe your mother enjoys riding from time to time. Consider booking a horseback riding adventure in your area.

· Create crafts together – crafty moms even enjoy doing adult crafting. This can include a wide range of options – card making, stamping, scrapbooking, knitting, floral arranging, and more.

· Walk on the beach – if you live in an area with a beach or a shoreline, then consider a walk in the vicinity of the waters. It is such a refreshing way to spend the day.

· Visit the zoo – there are zoos across the US that offer special entry pricing for moms on Mother's Day. So, if your mum loves to see the animals, consider this an option.

· See the aquarium – another alternative to visiting the zoo is to go to the aquarium to see various aquatic animals.

Share Time & Love with your Favorite Mom

Mother's Day is a specific time of the year to celebrate moms. Take the time to create a holiday she will remember for years to come. Choose one, two, or even three ideas from the list above and plan ahead of time.

Sharing time and love during this time of the year will increase bonding, strengthen relationships, and make her feel special. Also, let the mom in your life know how much you appreciate her. Compliment her on things she has done that has changed your life in one way or another!

Barbi Green


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