Submitted Date 10/06/2022



She said, "Life is made of fairytales, you can see, open your eyes.

She told me "Open up your heart to these happy tales and look up at the star-filled skies."


I gave it some thought and tried to take her word, but something still left me feeling like a black sheep in the herd.


He said, "Think happy thoughts, you will soon recover."

With my stomach still in knots, I tried hard to trust my lover


I'm still broken, outspoken yet heartbroken

With all the strength in me, I tried, but reality hit when I was awoken


They said my savior would come, but I'm still here coming undone

Where would anyone come from? The waiting has begun


I tried their ways but I'm still lost in this haze

Fairytales are lies, my trust has been set ablaze


I see that it's all on me

There's no happy ending

One day they all will see

My pain is never-ending


A little self-reflection shows they're condescending

Look at them, always pretending

Yet I am still broken; no chance of mending

Soon they'll see me as I am descending


Looking from the very edge

No fear when I'm on the ledge

I vowed to make a pledge

I'll fall with wings outstretched


Fairytales are fake and I know that I can't fly

At least I have a story to tell before I say goodbye


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